Our Auction Process – Step by Step

When the term “Auction” is used it can be a wide term. We want you to know exactly what you’re going to get and exactly how the process will go. It’s straight forward and painless. We get it done in 5 steps, scroll down to see how we operate from start to finish!

Step 1 – Free Consultation

One of our auction specialists will come to your property and discuss your unique situation. They will assess the items to be sold, discuss possible timing of your auction, costs, and what options work best for you.

Step 2 – Inventory

We will come to the location of the items being auctioned, take pictures and make a detailed list to be used for advertising.

Step 3 – Setup

Our most extensive step but don’t worry this step is all ours.

It’s All About Location

You have options with Downs Auction, during your consultation we will discuss the location options with you. No matter what option you pick, we handle everything.


Lets Talk Setup

You won’t lift a finger. The Downs Auction crew will provide everything needed for a quick and effective setup (see whats included in every setup below). Depending on the size of the auction, our team will come to the auction location at minimum two days before your event.


Marketing – Our Reach is Impressive

A successful auction is one which receives the right buyers for the product being sold. We have a marketing system in place that is highly effective and result proven to work.


Step 4 – Auction Day

Lets get ready to rumble! You will feel the excitement in the air the morning of your sale. The crowds will come, get a bid number and anxiously await their chance to bid. We understand that your auction deserves the best and so it will be conducted by professional, championship auctioneers to achieve the best prices for your items. When the dust is settled and the bidding has ended, every last item will have been sold! Don’t worry about clean up, we will handle that as well.

Step 5 – After the Auction

The auction location will be cleared immediately after the close of the auction. We will provide you with an auction sales summary so that you can view each item sold. In 10 business days a check will be mailed to you.

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