I’ve always liked sheep. In pastures, books, and even on tv. They’re cute and fuzzy and make funny noises. Sometimes, people are referred to as sheep and that’s where the warm fuzzies end for me. Throngs of people blindly following others, just because it’s perceived as the easy thing to do. Personally, I don’t want to be compared to a sheep. I strive to be a curious person who assesses all options and makes decisions based on what makes sense to me and my life. Not always easy, perhaps, but doesn’t it seem like a worthy goal?

Now consider selling real estate by auction. Certainly, the norm is to list conventionally. But what if there was another option that you’ve never considered? Auctions have multiple perks for people who have time limits, have inherited a property, or a hard to compare or special piece of real estate. However, even the average family home can be a good candidate for an auction. Why not have buyers battle against each other in a live setting for your home? It’s certainly better than unseen counter offers where they are blindly trying to edge out the other buyers. And what about the negative perception that auctions are just for foreclosed properties? Well, now that’s just thinking like a sheep…

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